Audrey is one of the RECOVERY founders and she started RECOVERY on her kitchen bench. In order to spark RECOVERY into a tangy probiotic drink, Richard leads an elite team from Cocos Creek to pursue the motto of RECOVERY "Cherish the health". We use the latest technology and science knowledge to brew RECOVERY, so our kombucha can meet the food safety standard.

At last, we successfully to brew authentic kombucha in Cocos Creek Food lab for communities across Malaysia to enjoy. With the support of friends and loyal customers, RECOVERY soon to become the world’s leading kombucha company.

Photograph of Alex Jameson.

Alex Jameson

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Photograph of Brent Fox.

Brent Fox

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Photograph of Carl Starke.

Carl Starke

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Photograph of Chris Monroe.

Chris Monroe

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Photograph of Elenna Jordan.

Elenna Jordan

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Photograph of Holly West.

Holly West

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